Bushnell Powerview 8×21 Compact Binoculars Review

Imagine exploring the great outdoors and bringing the beauty of nature closer to you with the Bushnell Powerview Compact Folding Roof Prism Binocular. This high-quality binocular, with its 8x magnification and 21-millimeter objective diameter, allows you to see the world with stunning clarity and detail. Its multicoated optics guarantee superior light transmission and brightness, ensuring that every scene you observe is vibrant and clear. The center focus system makes it effortless to bring your view into sharp focus, while the nonslip rubber armor provides a comfortable grip and absorbs shock. With a close focusing distance of 21 feet and a wide field of view of 378 feet at 1000 yards, this binocular offers a breathtaking perspective on the world around you. So, whether you’re an avid hunter or simply want to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, the Bushnell Powerview Compact Folding Roof Prism Binocular is the perfect companion for your outdoor adventures.

Bushnell Powerview Compact Folding Roof Prism Binocular

Why Consider This Product?

If you’re in need of a reliable and high-performance binocular, the Bushnell Powerview Compact Folding Roof Prism Binocular should be at the top of your list. Packed with impressive features and offering exceptional value for money, this binocular is a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, bird watchers, and nature lovers alike.

Superior Optics for Enhanced Viewing Experience

One of the standout features of the Bushnell Powerview is its roof-prism design, which provides superb image quality and clarity. With 8x magnification and a 21-millimeter objective diameter, this binocular allows you to observe distant objects with exceptional detail. Plus, the multicoated optics ensure superior light transmission and brightness, making it perfect for use in a variety of lighting conditions.

Easy to Use and Lightweight

With a center focus system, adjusting the focus on the Powerview is a breeze. Whether you’re scanning the landscape or focusing on a specific subject, you can effortlessly sharpen your view for optimal clarity. Additionally, weighing only 7-ounces, this binocular is highly portable and won’t weigh you down during extended outdoor adventures.

Durable Construction for Long-Lasting Performance

The Bushnell Powerview is built to withstand rugged outdoor conditions. Its nonslip rubber armor absorbs shock, providing both a comfortable grip and extra protection against accidental drops or bumps. This durability ensures that your binocular will remain in excellent condition, even after years of use in challenging environments.

Product Quality

When it comes to quality, Bushnell is a brand that consistently delivers exceptional products. The Powerview Compact Folding Roof Prism Binocular is no exception. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and using top-grade materials, this binocular offers superior performance and longevity.

Furthermore, Bushnell is known for its commitment to quality control and rigorous testing processes. Each unit undergoes extensive testing to ensure that it meets the highest standards of performance and durability. This level of quality assurance is further backed by a limited lifetime warranty, providing additional peace of mind to customers.

What It’s Used For

The Bushnell Powerview Compact Folding Roof Prism Binocular is a versatile tool that can be used in various activities and scenarios. Here are just a few examples of how this binocular can enhance your outdoor experiences:

Bird Watching

With its 8x magnification and exceptional image clarity, the Powerview allows you to observe birds in detail, even at a distance. Whether you’re an avid birdwatcher or just starting out, this binocular will help you spot and identify different bird species with ease.

Wildlife Observation

Whether you’re on a safari or exploring nature trails, the Powerview is an excellent companion for observing wildlife up close. Its compact size and lightweight design make it convenient to carry and use, while its powerful magnification ensures you won’t miss any of the fascinating details.

Sporting Events

If you’re a sports enthusiast, the Powerview can bring you closer to the action. Whether you’re watching a football match or a horse race, this binocular allows you to see the players or riders in great detail, making you feel as though you’re right in the middle of the action.

Outdoor Adventures

From hiking and camping to mountain climbing and kayaking, the Powerview is an essential tool for any outdoor adventure. Its compact and lightweight design won’t weigh you down, while its durable construction ensures it can withstand the demands of rugged terrains.

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Concerts and Shows

Whether you’re attending a music concert or a theater performance, the Powerview allows you to get a closer view of the stage, making you feel more engaged and immersed in the experience.

Whether you’re an avid birdwatcher, a nature lover, or simply enjoy outdoor activities, the Bushnell Powerview Compact Folding Roof Prism Binocular is a game-changer. Its impressive features, ease of use, and exceptional performance make it an excellent investment for anyone seeking to enhance their outdoor experiences.

Product Specifications

Specification Details
Magnification 8x
Objective Diameter 21 millimeters
Optics Coating Multicoated
Focus System Center focus
Close Focusing 21 feet
Field of View 378 feet at 1000 yards
Weight 7 ounces
Warranty Limited lifetime

Bushnell Powerview Compact Folding Roof Prism Binocular

Who Needs This

The Bushnell Powerview Compact Folding Roof Prism Binocular is a must-have for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities such as hunting, birdwatching, wildlife observation, hiking, or attending sporting events. It is also suitable for professionals such as researchers, nature conservationists, and law enforcement personnel who require a reliable and high-performance optical instrument.

Pros and Cons


  • Superior image quality and clarity
  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • Durable construction with shock-absorbing rubber armor
  • Easy to adjust focus for optimal viewing
  • Multicoated optics for superior light transmission
  • Versatile use in various outdoor activities
  • Exceptional value for money


  • Limited field of view compared to larger binoculars
  • Smaller objective diameter may limit low-light performance

Bushnell Powerview Compact Folding Roof Prism Binocular


  1. Is this binocular suitable for eyeglass wearers? Yes, the Powerview has an adjustable eye relief that allows comfortable viewing for both eyeglass wearers and non-eyeglass wearers.
  2. Can this binocular be used in low-light conditions? While the Powerview performs well in most lighting conditions, its smaller objective diameter may limit its low-light performance compared to larger binoculars.
  3. Can the Powerview withstand rough handling? Absolutely! The binocular’s nonslip rubber armor provides excellent grip, shock absorption, and overall durability to withstand rugged outdoor environments.
  4. Can I attach this binocular to a tripod? Yes, the Powerview is tripod adaptable, allowing for more stable viewing, especially during extended observations.
  5. What is included with the Powerview Compact Folding Roof Prism Binocular? The binocular comes with the Powerview Compact Binocs 8×21 and a limited lifetime warranty.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers who have purchased the Bushnell Powerview Compact Folding Roof Prism Binocular have been overwhelmingly positive in their reviews. Many praised its lightweight design, impressive image quality, and overall value for money. Users have particularly appreciated its ease of use and the clear and sharp images it provides.

Bushnell Powerview Compact Folding Roof Prism Binocular

Overall Value

Considering its exceptional features, durable construction, and reliable performance, the Bushnell Powerview Compact Folding Roof Prism Binocular offers outstanding value for money. This binocular proves that you don’t have to compromise on quality or performance to get an affordable and versatile optical tool.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

  • Clean the lenses regularly with a soft cloth or lens cleaning solution to maintain optimal image quality.
  • When adjusting the focus, start by looking at an object far away, then slowly bring it into focus for the best results.
  • Use the adjustable eye relief to ensure comfortable viewing, especially for extended observation periods.
  • Consider using a tripod for enhanced stability, particularly during long observations or when using higher magnification.

Bushnell Powerview Compact Folding Roof Prism Binocular

Final Thoughts

Product Summary

The Bushnell Powerview Compact Folding Roof Prism Binocular is a top-quality optical instrument that delivers impressive performance in a compact and lightweight package. With its superior optics, ease of use, and durable construction, this binocular is an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Final Recommendation

For those seeking a reliable, high-performance binocular that won’t break the bank, the Bushnell Powerview is the perfect option. Its exceptional features, outstanding image quality, and versatile use in various outdoor activities make it a worthwhile investment. Say goodbye to squinting and hello to crystal-clear views with the Bushnell Powerview Compact Folding Roof Prism Binocular.

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